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Welcome to Westlane Communications/TV Video Productions/Tech Design/Yearbook

Mr. Babony's Tech Courses
Grade 11 Communications
Gr 12 Communications Tech


Unit 1 

Introduction to Communications

Technology Ice Breaker

-Course Overview/Classroom expectations

-Lab Safety Power Pt.                                

-Tour of Student’s Computer & Terms


-What is Communications?

-Career Search 


Unit 2

Vector Graphics

-Vector vs Bitmap Questionnaire

-Intro to Adobe Illustrator Interface (Screen)

-Carrie Vector Image

-Vector Self Portrait

-Self Portrait Rubric

-Self Portrait Evaluation

-The Elements of Design

-Designing a Logo

-Personal Logo Project/Report

Logo Rubric


Unit 3


-Intro to Animation Questions

-Animation Principles Note!!

-Animation Investigation        

-Partner up! (groups of 2 or independently)


Taking Photos / different angles / tripod / well lit /

SMA Assignment

SMA Poster

SMA Poster Tutorial

Tech Report

Fantastic Mr Fox Questionnaire

Unit 4

Music Video Final (30%)

Music Video Analysis
Video Definitions

Video Production

Shot Types

Brainstorm 25+ ideas!

Music Video Assignment

Music Video Tech Report

Music Video Assessment



Unit 5

Digital Imaging

Photoshop 101

Assignment 1 - Masking

Assignment 2 - Photo Touch up 1

Assignment 3 - Eyes Beyond Hands

Assignment 4 - Colour Me Crazy

Assignment 5 - Create a Caricature

Unit 6

Web Design


Web Creation

TGV4M - Grade 12

TV and Video Productions


Unit 1 

Introduction to TV & Video Production


Technology Ice Breaker
Course Overview/Classroom expectations

Tour of Student’s Computer & Termsz


Literacy in Technology - 10 articles

10 Tips to Better Video

Review Segment

Review Segment Example (see Babony)


Movie Poster/Advertisement

Photoshop Tutorial 

Elements of Design 
Creation of a Technical Report

Tech Report Example


Unit 2.1

Stop Motion Animation

Brainstorm list


300 Photo SMA

SMA Rubric

Movie Poster

Tech Report 

Unit 2.2



Garage Band - Tutorial 1

Podcast Question Sheet

Podcast Script

Podcast Creation - Assignment

Audio in Technology

Podcast Presentation


Unit 3

Music Video Assignment


Garage Band Tutorial

Garage Band song creation

Export song to iTunes and import to iMovie

Student Exemplar

Video  Storyboard/Brainstorm

Music Video Creation/Edit

Music Video

Music Video Assessment

Music Video Poster

Unit 4

7 Minute Documentary



Tips sheet

Sample Documentary






Unit 6 – Final

10 minute movie (Final)

10 Minute Movie Assignment


Script Writing

Preproduction –



Production –

            Shooting Scenes

Post Production


Unit 7

Film Analysis

Analysis Terms Checklist

Film Analysis Question Sheet

Bonus Not Bonus - 3 Min Video 


TGJ2O - Grade 10 Communications Tech

TGV4M - Grade 12 TV and Video Productions


TDJ2O1 - Grade 10

Tech Design



Unit 1 

Introduction and Careers

Unit 2

Technical Sketching

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